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UNION Ultra Black

Union Ultra er en progressive binding og et flaggskip. Har alt av Union`s teknologi og en team favoritt.
kr 4999
Bilde av UNION Trilogy(Team Hb) Women Powder Blue

UNION Trilogy(Team Hb) Women Powder Blue

kr 3599
Bilde av UNION Womens Trilogy Black

UNION Womens Trilogy Black

kr 3599
Bilde av UNION Force Men(Solid)Black

UNION Force Men(Solid)Black

kr 3599

BURTON Cartel Re:Flex Black

Men's Burton Cartel Re:Flex Snowboard Binding Tested and proven technologies, combined in a legendary blend of comfort, performance, and all-terrain versatility. Standing the test of time takes more than a rugged attitude – at a certain point, you just have to evolve. That’s just what the Burton Cartel binding has done, with the new Hammockstrap™ 2.0, Smooth Glide™ buckles, and years of development in each crank of the ratchet. Available in two versions, choose the across-the-board compatibility of Re:Flex™ or the ultimate flex and feel of EST® and experience a new era in pro-caliber control. The Hinge (on the EST® version only) activates medial and lateral flex for a smoother feel and easier ollies, while AutoCANT cushioning on both the EST and Re:Flex versions automatically tilts to put you in the most comfortable position possible.
kr 3399
Bilde av BURTON Cartel Re:Flex

BURTON Cartel Re:Flex

kr 3399
Bilde av BURTON Cartel X Re:Flex Black

BURTON Cartel X Re:Flex Black

Cartel X bindinger blander komfort og all-mountain allsidighet. Stivhet fra Medium+.
kr 3299
Bilde av UNION Team Force Black

UNION Team Force Black

Union Team Force er en bestselger, slitesterk og kompakt.
Bilde av BURTON Womens Lexa Re:Flex Black

BURTON Womens Lexa Re:Flex Black

Burton Lexa er førstevalget for mange av Burton`s pro kjørere. Solid og stiv binding.
kr 2899
Bilde av BURTON Cartel Re:Flex Black

BURTON Cartel Re:Flex Black

kr 2799
Bilde av UNION Juliet Women White

UNION Juliet Women White

Union Juliet gir deg komfort hele dagen og nok kontroll til hele fjellet.
kr 2799
Bilde av BURTON Scribe Re:Flex

BURTON Scribe Re:Flex

Damebinding fra Burton som passer til park og all-mountain kjøring. Kompatibel med alle 4X4 inserts og The Channel-systemet
kr 2799

UNION Trilogy White

Trilogy er en klassisk binding for damer. Passer perfekt både til freestyle og all-mountain. Union Pro Jessica Kimura sin favoritt.
kr 2799
Bilde av BURTON Cartel Est Black

BURTON Cartel Est Black

Bilde av BURTON Womens Scribe Re:Flex Black

BURTON Womens Scribe Re:Flex Black

kr 2299

UNION Juliet Green

Juliet Contributing To The B4BC Cause The Juliet is one of our best selling bindings, and the reason is clear – it’s packed with high-end materials and women-specific features, for lightweight season-long comfort, backed with lifetime durability. Canted footbeds work in harmony with asymmetric highbacks making the Juliet ride like a dream.
kr 2199

UNION Str Dark Grey

STR Built To Last Built for riders looking for the performance of the Atlas at a price that won't break the bank, the STR maintains everything you'd expect from our high end bindings. Canted Stage 5 Base, All-New STR highbacks, and ExoFrame straps make choosing the STR a no-brainer.
kr 2199
Bilde av BURTON Freestyle Re:Flex

BURTON Freestyle Re:Flex

Freestyle binding fra Burton som er kompatibel med alle universale monteringstyper. Baseplate i polykarbonat.
kr 1999