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Bilde av ATOMIC  Hawx Ultra 115 S(W) Black/White

ATOMIC Hawx Ultra 115 S(W) Black/White

kr 5499

FULL TILT Soul Sister

kr 4999
Bilde av ATOMIC  Hawx Ultra 95(W)

ATOMIC Hawx Ultra 95(W)

kr 4800

ATOMIC Hawx Prime 105 S(W) Black/Anthracite

For women ready to rip, the Atomic Hawx Prime 105 S W is a ski boot that can’t be beat. Designed for medium-width feet, it offers the ultimate in performance for powerful skiing, with the kind of comfort that will have you rushing to get your boots on, not off. A full-featured boot based on Prolite – our revolutionary light construction with added reinforcements in key zones to reduce weight. It’s got plenty of adjustability thanks to our pre-shaped Memory Fit 3D Gold W liner, Power Shift, and the Memory Fit process. It all combines for that Legendary Hawx Feel – and the best days on the snow, ever. If you’re the kind of girl who skis hard, you should ski the Hawx Prime 105 S W
kr 4499

ATOMIC Hawx Prime 100(W) Black/Gold

Light, sporty and comfortable, the Atomic Hawx Prime 100 W is our medium-fit ski boot for top female all-mountain skiers. The legendary Hawx feel comes with a cuff height and liner construction tailored specifically to suit women’s feet. And we’ve integrated unique Memory Fit so you can completely personalize your shell, cuff and liner in minutes. You also get 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation in the Memory Fit 3D Gold liner to keep your feet warm and responsive even in extremely cold and damp conditions – plus pre-shaped ankles for an even better first fit. Revolutionary Sole Flex on the sole of the boot enhances your balance, underfoot feel and control. And Power Shift means you can adjust your forward lean and crank up the flex to super stiff 110 to fully suit you.
kr 4400
Bilde av ATOMIC Hawx Ultra 85(W) Black

ATOMIC Hawx Ultra 85(W) Black

kr 4200

LANGE Rx 80(W) Black

Dame støvel med 100mm lest og 80flex. Nye Dual Core konstruksjonen og 3D Liner gir en enda større komfortfølelse enn før. RX80 er en meget lettsolgt og unik støvel til dame med tidløst design og meget solide kjøreegenskaper.
kr 4000

ATOMIC Hawx Prime 90(W)

With its medium flex, the Atomic Hawx Prime 90 W is the ideal custom ski boot for advanced female skiers.
kr 4000

ATOMIC Hawx Prime 95(W) Black/Denim

Atomic Hawx Ultra 95 W offers slightly less stiffness than the 115 S W – ideal for intermediate female all-mountain skiers. It’s one of our top Hawx Ultra boots for women, a range with the Legendary Hawx Feel now in a narrow 98mm last. Memory Fit offers perfect personal fit in minutes, plus 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation keeps your feet warm in all conditions. Like all of our women’s ski boots, it has a more tulip-shaped cuff and liner for greater comfort. It’s also light, yet powerful: Prolite – revolutionary lightweight construction, with stronger reinforcement where it counts – cuts weight by 25%. This is a boot that makes skiers happy every day they’re on the snow
kr 3999

ATOMIC Hawx Magna 105 S(W) Black/Anthracite

One of the most powerful boots we offer for women skiers, and the stiffest option for a wider foot. Ski the Atomic Hawx Magna 105 S W and power and precision is what you’ll get – with the Legendary Hawx Feel. Unrivaled in both performance and comfort, this totally customizable boot is going to feel great right off the rack thanks to the Memory Fit 3D Silver W Liner, and the Memory Fit thermoforming process for shell, cuff and liner. Power Shift lets you tune forward lean and flex levels to dial in your boot and your ride. No matter what kind of snow you’re carving on, or what kind of skis are under your feet, for women who simply want to rip, this is the boot for you
kr 3999

ATOMIC Hawx Magna 85(W) White/Denim Blue

A fantastic blend of comfort and performance comes together in the Atomic Hawx Magna 85 W, designed for female skiers with wider-than-average feet. Sporting a softer flex, it’s a less aggressive ski boot that lets you ski in a more relaxed style. Your feet will stay warm in the 3MTM ThinsulateTM Silver liner even when it’s damp and cold. It features Easy Step-in, and a tulip-shaped cuff for further comfort. This boot makes every ski day one you’re happy you had
kr 3499

ATOMIC Hawx Prime 85(W) Black/White

You don’t want to fuss over your gear – you just want to ski. For newcomers to the sport or for lighter female riders with a medium-sized foot, the Atomic Hawx Prime 85 W is the boot for you. Available at a price point that won’t break the bank, it still features Prolite – our revolutionary light construction with added reinforcements in key zones. The whole boot – including the Memory Fit 3D Silver W Liner – is customizable specifically to your foot using our thermoforming Memory Fit process. One of the biggest complaints of skiers is the discomfort of ski boots – but the Legendary Hawx Feel will make your feet happy. And that means fun skiing
kr 3499

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