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LIB TECH T-Rice Gold Member Splitboard FP

kr 10999 kr 8799

LIB TECH T-Rice Gold Member Splitboard FP

Travis pushes the envelope in life, on snow, and with his boards. He pushed our experiMENTAL division to come up with a lightweight low swing weight construction that would still ride with smooth power and stability. Lightweight is a premium when it comes to splitting and FP spin slim tips, Balsa and Paulownia are perfectly designed for long ascents and technical climbing. The ride down is all positive… this board is ready for whatever line you and Travis are.
kr 10599 kr 7419

LIB TECH Split Brd Splitboard.

kr 10499

LIB TECH Snowskate 39 Rockr Complete

Lib Tech Snowskate 39" With Rocker Trucks Complete The Lib Tech Snowskate with rocker trucks is probably the most high performance and high tech snowskate out there; with Lib Tech's all-mountain slaying C2 rocker camber hybrid profile built right into the ski, you get top level performance when it's paired with Magne-Traction; no other snowskate ski comes close! As if that weren't enough right there, this Lib snowskate comes with rocker trucks which allow for a more natural and uninhibited flex pattern; it does this with a pivot point on the truck which separates the flex of the deck and the ski! It doesn't make sense that a stiff deck and a flexible ski are rigidly attached, and that's the problem that the Rocker Trucks solve! Enjoy snowskating with proper tech that's more fun to ride, the Lib Tech Snowskate with rocker trucks is the only way to go!
kr 4999


Originally designed as a park and slopestyle stick, the TRS has been a go-to for progressive riders pushing freestyle all over the resort and deep into the backcountry. A long history of competitive wins in every terrain and discipline imaginable… Olympic medals, World Freeride Tour gold, Slopestyle championships, and lots of Good Woods. This is a perfect high performance freestyle freeride snowboard.
kr 4799

LIBTECH Snowskate 39" Complete BTX

THE LIB TECH 39'' SNOW SKATE COMPLETE TURNS THE ENTIRE HILL INTO A SNOWY SKATE PARK Snowskating expands your mind and terrain, small things become huge and doors to a new world open. The Snowskates by Lib Tech come in different versions. The 39'' version is perfect for your daily skate sessions no matter which terrain you decide to shred. Piste, powder, or park, everything becomes your skate spot, just like the small hill in the backyard. The 39'' Snowskate comes with C2 profile, this means rocker between your feet with a strongly pronounced camber towards the contact points on tip and tail. Precise perfection in turning and unreal float in pow.
kr 3399

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