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LIB TECH Split Brd Splitboard.

kr 10999 kr 6600
Bilde av LIB TECH Travis Rice Pro HP C2 Pointy

LIB TECH Travis Rice Pro HP C2 Pointy

kr 6999 kr 4200
Bilde av LIB TECH Cortado C2 (W).

LIB TECH Cortado C2 (W).

kr 5699 kr 3420

LIB TECH Snowskate 39 Rockr Complete

Lib Tech Snowskate 39" With Rocker Trucks Complete The Lib Tech Snowskate with rocker trucks is probably the most high performance and high tech snowskate out there; with Lib Tech's all-mountain slaying C2 rocker camber hybrid profile built right into the ski, you get top level performance when it's paired with Magne-Traction; no other snowskate ski comes close! As if that weren't enough right there, this Lib snowskate comes with rocker trucks which allow for a more natural and uninhibited flex pattern; it does this with a pivot point on the truck which separates the flex of the deck and the ski! It doesn't make sense that a stiff deck and a flexible ski are rigidly attached, and that's the problem that the Rocker Trucks solve! Enjoy snowskating with proper tech that's more fun to ride, the Lib Tech Snowskate with rocker trucks is the only way to go!
kr 4999

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