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WESTON Backwoods

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LIB TECH Snowskate 39 Rockr Complete

Lib Tech Snowskate 39" With Rocker Trucks Complete The Lib Tech Snowskate with rocker trucks is probably the most high performance and high tech snowskate out there; with Lib Tech's all-mountain slaying C2 rocker camber hybrid profile built right into the ski, you get top level performance when it's paired with Magne-Traction; no other snowskate ski comes close! As if that weren't enough right there, this Lib snowskate comes with rocker trucks which allow for a more natural and uninhibited flex pattern; it does this with a pivot point on the truck which separates the flex of the deck and the ski! It doesn't make sense that a stiff deck and a flexible ski are rigidly attached, and that's the problem that the Rocker Trucks solve! Enjoy snowskating with proper tech that's more fun to ride, the Lib Tech Snowskate with rocker trucks is the only way to go!
kr 4999
Bilde av JONES Stormchaser.

JONES Stormchaser.

kr 4899


Originally designed as a park and slopestyle stick, the TRS has been a go-to for progressive riders pushing freestyle all over the resort and deep into the backcountry. A long history of competitive wins in every terrain and discipline imaginable… Olympic medals, World Freeride Tour gold, Slopestyle championships, and lots of Good Woods. This is a perfect high performance freestyle freeride snowboard.
kr 4799

BURTON Deep Thinker.

Men's Burton Deep Thinker Snowboard Open your mind with Danny Davis’ new take on extra-poppy, pow-friendly performance. The Burton Deep Thinker is a directional spin on Danny Davis’ go-to for hot laps in the park, pipe, or mobbing side hits across the mountain. Adding the float and responsiveness of Directional Camber to a unique shape with just a touch of taper ups the all-mountain abilities while keeping the freestyle performance on full blast. 45° Carbon Highlights deliver snappy pop without the stiff side effects.
kr 4724
Bilde av JONES Mind Expander

JONES Mind Expander

kr 4549
Bilde av JONES Mountain Surfer

JONES Mountain Surfer

kr 4499

NITRO Squash

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BURTON Instigator

Shortcut the learning curve with an all-around board that’s catch-free and easy for boosting confidence anywhere you take it. Some riders just want to get straight to the fun part. Enjoy a no-fuss feel with the Burton Instigator, a board designed to help accelerate the learning curve and instigate a good time from your first moment on the mountain. The combination of a Flat Top™ bend and Cruise Control convex base keeps things friendly underfoot, creating a catch-free feel that maintains stability and control. The Channel® mounting system gives you the easiest, most adjustable setup with bindings from all major brands (not just Burton’s).
kr 4499 kr 3149

JONES Lone Wolf

kr 4499

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