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BURTON Flight Attendant X Splitboard

Men's Burton Family Tree FA X Split Snowboard The ultimate in deep-day float and freeride versatility in a board that hauls ass on the way up and the ride down. When the mad scientists at Craig’s Proto Facility thought up the Dump Truck, the next logical step was to open the door to ultimate float for earn-your-turn missions. The splitboard version of the Family Tree’s big mountain mover utilizes the same directional shape, featuring a 15mm taper and directional camber bend. This means it turns easy and floats with authority, especially when combined with Burton’s Balanced Freeride Geometry which creates a twin freestyle feel when riding flat base yet turns tight and quick with the responsiveness expected from a directional deck.
kr 16299 kr 11399

LIB TECH T-Rice Gold Member Splitboard FP

kr 10999 kr 8799

JONES Solution Splitboard

The Ultimate All-Terrain Splitboard Ideal For Backcountry Freeriding And Wilderness Exploration
kr 10999 kr 7699

JONES Solution Splitboard (W)

The Ultimate Women’s Splitboard Ideal For Backcountry Freeriding And Wilderness Exploration
kr 10999

LIB TECH T-Rice Gold Member Splitboard FP

Travis pushes the envelope in life, on snow, and with his boards. He pushed our experiMENTAL division to come up with a lightweight low swing weight construction that would still ride with smooth power and stability. Lightweight is a premium when it comes to splitting and FP spin slim tips, Balsa and Paulownia are perfectly designed for long ascents and technical climbing. The ride down is all positive… this board is ready for whatever line you and Travis are.
kr 10599 kr 7419

LIB TECH Split Brd Splitboard.

kr 10499
Weston Riva Splitboard

WESTON Riva Splitboard (W)

kr 9999 kr 6999
Weston Backwoods Splitboard

WESTON Backwoods Splitboard.

kr 9999 kr 6999

BURTON Anti-Social Splitboard

Earn your Turns on the easiest-to-ride splitboard on the market, the reward: endless untouched lines, all to yourself. Ditch the lifts and seek out the freedom and fitness of exploring the backcountry with our women’s-specific Anti-Social splitboard. Featuring a lightweight design and a progressive, tapered shape, it boasts directional camber for fast, effortless float in deep snow and a smoother uphill glide when gaining vertical in the skin track. The Split Channel eliminates the splitting headache associated with most splitboard setups, allowing for fast mounting and near limitless stance adjustments. Features like a sustainable FSC™ certified wood core and bio-based Super Sap® resin enhances performance and positive feelings.
kr 9099 kr 6369

BURTON Flight Attendant Splitboard

Men's Burton Flight Attendant Split Snowboard Find yourself some steep chutes and stacked pillow lines to take flight with our hardest charging, deepest diving splitboard. When our shapers split the Burton Flight Attendant, they took a natural terrain slayer and set it loose into the backcountry habitat. All its free-ranging attributes – including a floaty, directional shape mixed with the comfort of a twin feel when cruising on a flat base – translate to unrestricted freedom in pillow stacks, cliff drops, and deep, untracked pow. Not quite as bold and aggressive as the Dump Truck Split, it thrives as a freestyle-inspired utility knife for fully featured, skintrack-accessed terrain. Now offered in 154cm and 168cm sizes.
kr 9099 kr 6369

WESTON Range Splitboard

kr 8999 kr 6299
Bilde av JONES Dream Catcher Splitboard (W)

JONES Dream Catcher Splitboard (W)

kr 8499 kr 6799

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