ROME Powder Room (W) Splitboard 17/18

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Powder’s value in life is indisputable. When you drop into an untracked bowl or a bottomless gully, there really few feelings in life that compare to the weightlessness and floaty freedom. With our split board Powder Room, we give backcountry riders a directional pow surfer that combines floatation up front with responsive power in the tail.


7 499,-
5 999,-

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Totalkostnad: 7416,-

Length 150
Overall Length 1500
Effective Edge 1080
Running Length 1080
Nose Length  
Tail Length  
Waist Width 246
Nose Width  
Tail Width  
Sidecut Depth  
Sidecut Radius (m) 7.49
Nose Radius  
Tip Height  
Tail Radius  
Tail Height  
Camber Height 4.0/-4.0
Insert Pattern SPLIT
Design Stance (in/cm) 20.5" / 52.5 cm
Stance Range (in) 16 5/8-24 5/8
Stance Range (cm) 42.3-62.6
Design Stance Location 20 bk
Camber Typ Powder-S
Rider Weight 45-68+ Kg