BURTON BD Compactor Pole 115-135 Cm

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Ideal for splitboarding, with adjustable-length and compact, packable design.

Black Diamond’s Compactor Poles are your new secret weapon for backcountry touring. Lightweight materials and Black Diamond’s folding Z-Pole technology make them the ultimate pack-away pole, fitting inside your backpack and extending easily for solid support when you’re on the move.


1 199,-

* 18mm [.71in] Aluminum Three-Section Shaft with Speed Cone Deployment

* Touring Series Grip with Fluted Interior for Weight Reduction

* Touring Series Strap with Lightweight Webbing and Plastic Ladder-Lock Buckle
* Integrated Rubber Grip Extension

* 100mm [4in] Compact Powder Baskets with Two-Section Pole Capture

* FlickLock Pro Security and Adjustability up to 20cm