BURTON Flight Attendant Splitboard

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6 159,-

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Find yourself some steep chutes and stacked pillow lines to take flight with our hardest charging, deepest diving splitboard.

When our shapers split the Burton Flight Attendant, they took a natural terrain slayer and set it loose into the backcountry habitat. All its free-ranging attributes – including a floaty, directional shape mixed with the comfort of a twin feel when cruising on a flat base – translate to unrestricted freedom in pillow stacks, cliff drops, and deep, untracked pow. Not quite as bold and aggressive as the Dump Truck Split, it thrives as a freestyle-inspired utility knife for fully featured, skintrack-accessed terrain. Now offered in 154cm and 168cm sizes.

BOARD SIZE 154 158 163 168
Weight Range 54-82 kg 68-91 kg 82-118 kg+ 82-118 kg+
Running Length 1100mm 1140mm 1190mm 1235mm
Waist Width 248mm 252mm 256mm 260mm
Sidecut Depth 20.7mm 21.5mm 22.4mm 23.2mm
Sidecut Radius 7.3m 7.6m 7.9m 8.2m
Stance Width 530mm 560mm 560mm 560mm
Nose Width 294.4mm 299.9mm 305.8mm 311.5mm
Tail Width 284.4mm 289.9mm 295.8mm 301.5mm
Effective Edge 1160mm 1200mm 1250mm 1295mm
Stance Location -35 -35 -35 -35
Binding Sizes M M/L L L