SPARK RD Backcountry Kit

Noen igjen

Things happen in the backcountry…be prepared. This kit includes everything you need to keep a pow day from being cut short.



2x M6x16mm Heel Loop Screws

2x M6x10mm Touring Bracket Screws

1x Ankle Buckle Screw

1x Toe Buckle Screw

2x Ankle Strap Screws

1x Ankle Adjuster Screw

1x Toe Adjuster Screw

2x Ankle Strap T-Nuts

2x Ankle Strap Washers

1x Toe Ladder

1x Toe Adjuster

1x Ankle Ladder

1x Ankle Adjuster

1x Ankle Buckle

1x Toe Buckle

1x Snap Block