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BURTON Ion Step On(Boots+Binding)

An all-mountain all-star and team favorite outfitted with Step On® compatibility for smooth transitions. Setting the bar higher in every discipline is still the headline for the men's Burton Ion Step On® Snowboard Boot. The choice for riders who charge hard across the entire mountain, the Ion is legendary for its stacked tech package. This version is fitted with Burton's Step On® system for seamless transitions in and out of your bindings. Plus, the quick and precise Boa® lacing system lets you dial in a perfect fit. Peek inside and you'll find a comfortable, lightweight liner with enhanced rebound and foot-warming tech that reflects body heat for extra warm feet. This boot is only compatible with Step On® bindings.
kr 7995
Bilde av BURTON Photon Step On Bundle(Støvler+Bindinger)

BURTON Photon Step On Bundle(Støvler+Bindinger)

kr 7495

BURTON Felix Step On 2018 (W) Bundle (Boots+Binding)

The most intuitive boot to binding connection for riders of all abilities. Sold only as a set. (BOOT+BINDING)
kr 6999 kr 4200
Bilde av BURTON Custom


kr 6999

BURTON Ruler Step On Bundle 2020 (Boots+Binding)

Pair this with the men's Step On® binding and experience the performance, comfort, and convenience of snowboarding's most intuitive connection. The NEW Ruler Step On Boot delivers versatile performance with the added comfort and convenience of the Boa® Coiler™ Closure System. The boot is designed specifically for the Burton men's Step On® Binding to deliver unprecedented entry/exit speed and uncompromised board control in an incredibly easy system. Just turn the Boa® dial to fine-tune the fit of the boot, then simply step on to the binding and you're ready to ride.
kr 6499
Bilde av BURTON Ruler Step On 2019 Bundle (Boots+Binding)

BURTON Ruler Step On 2019 Bundle (Boots+Binding)

kr 5999 kr 3720
Bilde av BURTON Felix Step On 2019 Bundle (Boots+Binding)

BURTON Felix Step On 2019 Bundle (Boots+Binding)

kr 5999
Bilde av BURTON FT Big Gulp


kr 5999
Bilde av BURTON Feelgood Flying V

BURTON Feelgood Flying V

kr 5999
Bilde av BURTON Process

BURTON Process

kr 5299
Bilde av BURTON Process Fv

BURTON Process Fv

kr 5299
Bilde av BURTON Ion Speedzone Black

BURTON Ion Speedzone Black

kr 4199
Bilde av BURTON Driver X Speedzone Black

BURTON Driver X Speedzone Black

kr 4199

BURTON Mens Ion Black

kr 4199


For billy goats and burly lines, there is no substitute for snowboarding's most responsive and surefooted boot. Sketchy climbs and exposed lines are Burton Driver X™ boot's domain. Known as the most responsive boot in snowboarding, its burly demeanor is balanced by practical upgrades in warmth and comfort. A one-two punch of DRYRIDE Heat Cycle™ and Sleeping Bag reflective foil captures and radiates body heat while wicking away heat-robbing sweat. Total Comfort balances the power with a perfectly broken-in feel right from the start. Grippy Vibram® EcoStep™ outsoles cling to the mountain with confidence. Add it all up and you get the only choice for riders who hike, sled, guide, or patrol, as well as freestyle technicians like Terje Haakonsen.
kr 4199 kr 2499
Bilde av BURTON Photon Boa Black

BURTON Photon Boa Black

Burton Photon med BOA Fit System og doble soner med Coiler-teknikk. Demping med B3 gel som ikke stiver ved kalde temperaturer og tåler gjentatte støt uten å brytes ned.
kr 3999

BURTON Felix Boa (W).

Supreme Warmth and Dual Zone Boa® Fit System micro-adjustability for when the only thing tighter than your turns is your wallet. The Burton Felix boot reformulates the top-of-the-line DNA of our Supreme boot into an all-around performer that's slightly softer and more forgiving on your finances. Fully loaded, it boasts the convenience and sure fit of the Boa Fit System featuring Burton-exclusive New England Ropes, and dialed-in with the tri-zonal tightening of Lockdown Tech, which wraps the whole ankle with the click of a wheel. Calves remain comfy in the Focus Cuff and with the broken-in feel of Total Comfort, a feature you can't find elsewhere but Burton. Revved up with DRYRIDE Heat Cycle™ and Sleeping Bag heat-reflective foil, these are the boots that pro rider Kimmy Fasani depends on to keep her feet warm and dry in the most challenging conditions.
kr 3799
Bilde av BURTON Kids Zipline Step On 2019 Bundle (Boots+Binding)

BURTON Kids Zipline Step On 2019 Bundle (Boots+Binding)

kr 3599
Bilde av BURTON Cartel Re:Flex

BURTON Cartel Re:Flex

kr 3399

BURTON Cartel Re:Flex Black

Men's Burton Cartel Re:Flex Snowboard Binding Tested and proven technologies, combined in a legendary blend of comfort, performance, and all-terrain versatility. Standing the test of time takes more than a rugged attitude – at a certain point, you just have to evolve. That’s just what the Burton Cartel binding has done, with the new Hammockstrap™ 2.0, Smooth Glide™ buckles, and years of development in each crank of the ratchet. Available in two versions, choose the across-the-board compatibility of Re:Flex™ or the ultimate flex and feel of EST® and experience a new era in pro-caliber control. The Hinge (on the EST® version only) activates medial and lateral flex for a smoother feel and easier ollies, while AutoCANT cushioning on both the EST and Re:Flex versions automatically tilts to put you in the most comfortable position possible.
kr 3399
Bilde av BURTON Cartel X Re:Flex Black

BURTON Cartel X Re:Flex Black

Cartel X bindinger blander komfort og all-mountain allsidighet. Stivhet fra Medium+.
kr 3299
Bilde av BURTON Lexa Re:Flex

BURTON Lexa Re:Flex

kr 3199

BURTON Mens Ruler Black

Men's Burton Ruler Snowboard Boot From peak to park, no boot has elevated more riders with time-honored tech, comfort, and performance. With a legacy of pushing personal skills to the pro level, the Burton Ruler boot is the boot for stepping to larger drops and burlier features. For riders seeking Ion-level performance but lack the loot, its proven formula includes top tech like the choice of two unique and highly capable cushioning systems depending on the colorway you choose. 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulation in the liner and the added warmth of our Sleeping Bag heat-reflective foil defies arctic blasts; Total Comfort delivers a broken-in feel right out of the box. The PowerUP tongue keeps the entire package quick and nimble, enhancing rebound for consistent mid-range flex that won’t break down.
kr 2999 kr 2199
Bilde av BURTON Custom Smalls

BURTON Custom Smalls

kr 2999
Bilde av BURTON Womens Lexa Re:Flex Black

BURTON Womens Lexa Re:Flex Black

Burton Lexa er førstevalget for mange av Burton`s pro kjørere. Solid og stiv binding.
kr 2899

BURTON After School Special

One-stop shopping. Just plug your kid in and go with a setup that’s easier than a tricycle with training wheels.
kr 2899
Bilde av BURTON Scribe Re:Flex

BURTON Scribe Re:Flex

Damebinding fra Burton som passer til park og all-mountain kjøring. Kompatibel med alle 4X4 inserts og The Channel-systemet
kr 2799
Bilde av BURTON Cartel Re:Flex Black

BURTON Cartel Re:Flex Black

kr 2799
Bilde av BURTON Cartel Est Black

BURTON Cartel Est Black

Bilde av BURTON Womens Mint Boa Black

BURTON Womens Mint Boa Black

Myk, komfortabel og varm Snowboardsko til dame God til all slags terreng, har Boa justering.
kr 2599

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